Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love is Blind

Hurmm when we talk about love..there is no ending..Love make us happy n also make us sad..Love without limitation..Love is blind..

Because of love, i'm sick, i'm down, i be crazy and any worst thing..My heart close for all guy around me but after 3 years, i started to liking someone..It just happened without any clue..He is very good guy.

Honestly he is not my taste. Totally contrast.. But like i said, love is blind. He is younger than me. Of coz i dont like someone younger than me. He is shorther than me. Of coz i want someone tallest than me. He is not romantic, not sweet n not gentleman. Of coz i want someone than pampered me, sweet talker, romantic,gentleman and bla..bla..bla..But i still love him. I dun know why. What i know is he is da one that can make me forget my ex boyfriend...

But not all thing i can get easiest. Why? Because I in love with someone has been taken. He is already had girlfriend. So now eventhough i'm able to forget my ex, able to open my heart again but now i need to forget him. I start to be like 3 years ago. I'm sick, my tears fall again because of him..Oh it is really hurt my heart. 

What should i do now? ;-(

p/s : You are the one make me happy n at the same time you make me sad n cry..

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