Monday, March 21, 2016

Please don't lie

I had go through this experienced before.. Nothing truth come from your mouth.. All is lie..So i hate it.. I want u honest to me..Thats it. Is it hard to tell the truth? For me, its okay if u tell me the truth and yaaa i know it will hurt my heart..But it is okay rathen than i have to know the truth from someone else..Yes, u said u lie just because for our good.. But when u comfort me with a lie, i at last i know the truth...its more hurt..u know that?

Now i have go through this experience again..u lied to me..Sometime i dont know who i want to believe? Why people easily to lie to me..Am i too easy to lie?Am i toe easy to trust people?

The question is why its happened to me?Why me?Why?Why?Why?.....

Why i have to go through all of this? Im tired..really tired..We already plan everything..almost get married..but why Allah gve me this test? 

Please,give me a chance to be happy...I know he is the one..I know we r meant together..So please..let our marriage long lasting till jannah..Please , i hope he changed..